Professional Development/Coaching


BIA’s curriculum of professional skills development offerings is customizable to meet the needs of specific clients. BIA experts will provide instruction and coaching on how to master and apply its proprietary methodology, Tactical Behavior Assessment®, which was derived from the interviewing and interrogation techniques of the Central Intelligence Agency. Over the past 15 years, BIA has adapted these methods to the specialized needs of various investor communities.  BIA’s approach  is based on the principle that effective information collection and evaluation should be non-confrontational, seamlessly integrate into routine information gathering, and appropriate in all professional settings. All of BIA’s skills development and professional coaching sessions are delivered by BIA Behavioral Intelligence Experts.

BIA’s foundational offering, Strategic Information Collection™, is designed for clients who seek higher quality and more reliable information to inform their decision-making and risk management processes. As with all of BIA’s skills development sessions, Strategic Information Collection relies on relevant case studies from its clients’ disciplines and is highly interactive and engaging. Participants walk away with practical behavior assessment and interviewing  skills that can be immediately applied to the benefit of their investment decisions. 

BIA also offers many opportunities for clients to enhance and expand their skills, including through advanced coaching and workshops.