BIA for Human Resources

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Truly objective tools backed by research

and neutral across cultures, gender, and language

As HR leaders, it is important to combat bias and increase diversity in the hiring process– and, these goals are difficult to achieve according to recent research which suggests the most common methods are often ineffective or worse. 

Unfortunately, awareness of personal bias is not a sufficient tool to combat it. But what if there were tools to increase objectivity and crowd-out the potential for bias?

BIA's Behavioral Experts share tools originally developed for maximizing objectivity in assessing interviews in the intelligence world where minimizing the impact of personal prejudice, language and cultural differences is critical.

In nearly 20 years of training clients and applying these techniques, both domestically and internationally, for the benefit of the world’s premier investors we have found that they are highly effective in teaching interviewers how to be more objective, effectively overriding many biases.

BIA's Behavioral Methodology enables you to:

  • Understand the psychology behind objectivity and common behavioral misconceptions
  • Create fair, objective, powerful questions to evaluate candidates on key competencies
  • Address sensitive and difficult topics in a low-key manner
  • Obtain better quality information on which to base your decisions

Please contact us to learn more about how BIA can help supplement your hiring process to help you drive effective and lasting change in your organization.

BIA for Human Resources