Due Diligence


BIA offers an array of due diligence services to clients seeking open and primary source-driven information to fill critical intelligence gaps in their investment thesis, due diligence and/or risk management processes. The skilled application of the proprietary Tactical Behavior Assessment® (TBA™) methodology makes the BIA solution unique.

With a strict compliance framework and sensitivity to confidentiality matters, BIA marries deep-rooted intelligence expertise with the practical application of its proprietary target analysis, source identification and broad commercial due diligence experience to collect timely and actionable information.

BIA’s solutions include management diligence, company/issue diligence and geopolitical/policy intelligence. Projects are always proprietary and customized to meet each client’s unique information needs. While no two projects are alike, the scope of projects to date has covered all sectors of the economy and addressed a broad range of issues and topics worldwide. Each project is staffed by a dedicated team of experienced intelligence collection and open source research professionals.


Best Practices when performing Due Diligence


Grave Oversights: The Dangers of Inadequate Due Diligence and Best Practices to Mitigate Them

Everyone knows that doing due diligence is important. But what could you improve in your due diligence process to make it better? 

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