In today’s crowded research marketplace, Business Intelligence Advisors has established a unique category of investment research. BIA’s methodology systematically measures and analyzes corporate disclosures to help our clients guard against bias, identify hidden risks, build conviction and identify uncorrelated alpha-generating investment insights.

BIA’s proprietary Tactical Behavior Assessment® (TBA™) model was developed by the national intelligence community and has been refined by BIA since 2001 while serving the world’s premier investment firms. Through its unique TBA lens BIA evaluates the completeness and reliability of verbal and textual corporate disclosures. The TBA™ model identifies verbal and nonverbal behavioral indictors which are consistent and reliable indicators of hidden risk.  

BIA analyzes a wide range of company disclosures including earnings calls, press releases, broadcast interviews and other management commentary to filter out critical information from even the most carefully crafted or rehearsed communications.  By identifying where management communications are not complete or transparent, BIA generates qualitative insights into key performance factors.  Those insights help clients round out their fundamental analysis for a deeper understanding of the companies they invest in, strengthen their conviction in their investment theses and heighten their objectivity and alertness to potential risks. 

BIA clients use the analysis at all stages of their investment decision processes from valuation to portfolio monitoring.  At clients’ request, BIA will also evaluate company disclosures over time as well as compare disclosures from multiple companies within the same industry or sector.  BIA Research is offered through an entirely customized model, analyzing only those company disclosures selected by clients for their use.

"I use BIA's research on our largest positions to confirm we aren't getting biased in our thesis."
- PM at large San Francisco-based hedge fund

"We request BIA to look into a company when we need to have divergent views within our team and need an uncorrelated opinion."
- Analyst at a Chicago-based global mutual fund
"Having BIA analyze our entire portfolio a few times a year assists us with making sure there are no emerging issues at our companies that we are missing."
- Team's view from a London-based long-only fund
"The uncorrelated perspective of BIA is a critical part of all the evaluation we do on our companies."
- A large New York-based hedge fund
"I found BIA's report very useful and the insight was excellent. As a result of the report I believe I will be able to obtain useful information about the performance of [company] from my meeting [with management] this morning."
- PM at UK-based investment management firm