Unique Insights 

Using verbal and nonverbal behaviors to measure completeness, confidence and accuracy

Based on techniques developed in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and continuously enhanced over 15 years, our proprietary Tactical Behavior Assessment® (TBA™) methodology provides the tools to discover what others are missing regarding the facts and motivations behind corporate and personal disclosures.

Obtain Better Information from Interactions with Management

BIA's proprietary TBA methodology incorporates the psychology of how people disclose information.  A BIA analysis enables you to formulate more strategic questions and ask questions in unpredictable and non-confrontational ways to avoid repetitive and rehearsed answers. The methodology results give a clearer understanding of management’s true level of confidence to close information gaps.

Analyze Management Disclosures

BIA looks at management disclosures through a different lens, using behaviorial analysis to yield new insight into management's level of conviction and concerns on a range of topics. You can then make more informed decisions based on the BIA assessment of the completeness and responsiveness of management statements.

Conduct Due Diligence

BIA applies a methodical approach to acquiring knowledge about investment decisions. Learn more about a company's executive team, reputation, litigation and other key operating attributes through both open and primary research from unique, unpaid sources.

Customized Approach

Business Intelligence Advisors recognizes that every one of our clients is unique. As such, BIA works with each client through a dedicated account manager to customize service offerings that best meet that client’s needs.

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BIA's proprietary Tactical Behavior Assessment methodology was derived from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and is used to identify language and behavioral cues that indicate when an individual isn't being entirely candid. Founded in 2001 on the principle that methodologies originally developed for the national intelligence community could be powerfully applied to the private sector, we've been working with institutional investors, venture capital firms, private equity firms and other entities, helping them gain unique insights with our approach.
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