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BIA’s clients in the financial services industry rely on us to systematically analyze and measure the Quality of Communication™ in corporate disclosure using our proprietary behavior assessment methodology, Tactical Behavior Assessment® (TBA™). TBA has its roots in the national intelligence community and has evolved over the last ten years through BIA’s work with premier institutional investors.

BIA’s team of behavior assessment experts and analysts applies the TBA methodology to all forms of corporate disclosure to help clients increase transparency, reduce risk, and make better and more informed decisions. BIA has earned the trust of our clients through both the value of our insights and the emphasis we place on discretion and compliance. The following video highlights how we use behavior assessment to evaluate management commentary – the first step in helping our clients gather more responsive and reliable information through our Strategic Interviewing and Question Formulation skill sets.

The BIA team represents a diverse mix of highly accomplished professionals from the national intelligence and business communities who have worked together since the company’s founding in 2001 to create and deliver BIA’s groundbreaking solutions. Our experts average more than 20 years of international experience evaluating the quality of communication and increasing the transparency of information through our behavior assessment, detection of deception and strategic interviewing methodologies.

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